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Stepping outside the bounds of traditional development.

At Lynx, we have a long-term and holistic development philosophy.  We pride ourselves on investing in projects that don’t just cosmetically transform communities, but those that create sustained economic and social opportunities for its residents. Our focus is on projects that have potential for significant impact on a community. When we look at a property, we start by thinking about the entire neighborhood. What would it take for this neighborhood to flourish? What could this project be and how can it positively affect the economy and quality of life in this community? What partnerships would it take to make wise, strategic investments that grow as a community grows?


A History of Making a Difference

Where we’ve been and where we are now can inform you about where we’re going. Whether we are developing affordable housing, luxury apartments or office space, we always have our eye on how what we develop will make a significant, lasting impact on a community.

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Lynx Ventures goes beyond the bounds of traditional development to have a profound, positive, lasting impact on the quality of life and economic opportunity in every community we touch.

The communities we create are strong, thriving and vital to the local economy and way of life, setting the standard for how good communities are developed.

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